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Pode is a co-op puzzle exploration game built around the themes of friendship and cooperation, with a strong emphasis on positive actions, relaxing atmosphere and beautiful art inspired by Norwegian culture.

Exploration — Discover a beautiful and ancient cave system and uncover its secrets.

Puzzles — Solve puzzles, riddles and mysteries. Combine the two character’s special abilities to overcome obstacles.

Co-op or single player — Share the experience with a friend, or enjoy playing it by yourself.

Unique art style — Enjoy a world inspired by Norwegian art and nature.

My Role:

I was hired at Henchman & Goon in 2016 as a Game designer & 3d generalist to help design, create and implement interesting, dynamic, and challenging puzzles in their now released game Pode on PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch & Playstation 4.   

My main tasks included: 

  • Puzzle design using the two characters unique mechanics and environmental puzzles involving the games many levels and biomes. 

  • Blocking out levels and environments using Unity's ProBoulder tool and the art departments modular assets.  

  • Blocking out and designer the puzzles for some of the more challenging parts of the game towards it's ending.

  • Designing new puzzle types based on pre-defined biomes from start to finish, this includes first draft paper designs and gameplay documentation all the way to full blockout and play testing.  

  • Balancing and monitoring the difficult curves for each level and seeing that each level had good phasing and flow throughout. 

  • Testing and giving feedback on already designed and implemented gameplay elements and puzzles.

  • Deep & well explained documentation of levels and puzzles intentions and function. 

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