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Hi, here is a bit about me!


I am a game & level designer with over 8 years of experience creating games and interactive applications. I currently live and work from Copenhagen, Denmark and work for a real-time archviz company called Metaliving.
As a game & level designer, I am passionate about creating immersive and engaging video games that can take players on an emotional journey. I have a deep love for the art of play and believe it is an essential part of the human experience. I specialize in prototyping, developing game mechanics and blocking out fun play spaces. I love games that surprise and allow the player to solve problems in their own way. I thrive and love working in interdisciplinary teams where we can build up and support each other.


Outside of games, I'm a avid hiker and hobby landscape/wildlife photographer. I'm passionate about bouldering, live music and visual storytelling like manga & animation.

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