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Art Gallery Exebition

VR Experience in collaboration with Tine Isachsen at SORGENFRI Art Gallery in Oslo.

The virtual 3D space was mapped/scaled to match the real room at SORGENFRI's basement. This allowed the user to have a one-to-one room scaled virtual experience, transforming a plane concrete room to a fantastical and stylized room in Tine's colorful and surreal art style. The end user was then also able to touch both the walls and floors in the real room and the virtual room giving a sense of real space when in VR & getting up and personal with Tine's art.

Video rendered in Unreal Engine 4 showcasing the final VR environment.

My Role:

I was contacted by Tine and asked to collaborate with her on a digital art gallery/space in VR. I was responsible for creating the visual look and feel that matches Tine's surreal art and something that she felt matched well with the overall tone of her art collection.  

My main tasks included: 

  • Building & Scripting up the projects functionality and features from scratch using Unreal Engine 4.

  • Balance the visual fidelity and frame-rate on a Ocolus Quest 1 VR headset, avoiding motion sickness.

  • Implementing external art assets from the artist and setting up the composition and placement of said art assets.

  • Create simple player interactions such as walking to a designated spot and play different types of videos from the artist integrated into the environment.

  • Implement and test hand tracking using the Open-XR platform in Unreal Engine 4. Having the headset track the users hands & finger movement and allow end user to interact with simple objects in fun ways.

  • Simple 3D modelling of environment & props used in scene.

  • All lighting, post effects and shader/material work by me and changed based on feedback from the client.

  • Match the player space and the art galleries real world location space allowing a seamless transition between the virtual and real.

Direct feed from the Quest 1 headset

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